Aero Charts

This collection contains all of the Aeronautical Sectional and Terminal Area Charts for the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  Also included are 3D Airspace Polygons created by Lloyd Bailey, and Flyway maps for 19 major cities.  The maps have been merged together to form one large mosaic.  The Legends are available by clicking on the Legends radio button under My Places.

These are very high resolution maps and may be slow to load on computers with slower Internet connections.  Typically once they start loading, the tiles will begin to update much faster.

A Google Earth Plugin version of this collection is available.  This allows you to view these maps in a web browser instead of using Google Earth.

Thanks to Neil Neilson for providing the updated maps to me. He created a version of the Sectionals and TACs for WorldWind. You can visit Neil’s Website Here.

The maps in this collection are NOT CURRENT and must not be used for real-world navigation. They are for educational and simulation use only.

If you need CURRENT aeronautical charts for Google Earth, check out

Original Data From: National Aeronautical Charting Office
KML Content Created By: GE Library
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