Aeronautical Terminal Procedure Diagrams

Database of approximately 15,000 Aeronautical Terminal Procedure Charts for the United States.  These charts consist of Airport Diagrams, Instrument Approach (IAP) Diagrams, Arrival (STAR) Diagrams, and Departure (DP) Diagrams for large and medium sized airports in the US and its territories.  These diagrams provide standard procedures for navigating to and from the airports.

To access a diagram, simply click on the blue dot at the airport of interest.  A list of all the available diagrams for that airport will pop up.  Choose the diagram that you wish to view and a pop up window with the diagram will open up.  Click on the diagram to view it in a web browser window.  You can filter the type of chart displayed by selecting the various boxes under your Places menu.  By default, on the Airport Diagrams will be visible.

These are optimized for a high resolution wide screen monitor.  Let me know if they don’t work right on your monitor set up and I can try to provide additional versions for different monitor configurations.

Note, that these charts and diagrams are not current!!. The FAA releases updates to these on a regular basis and I have no plans on maintaining a current version of the charts and diagrams.  These are to be used for educational and simulation purposes only.  They must not be used for real world navigation.



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National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO)
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  • Congratulations! Really perfect!

  • GM

    I downloaded the sectionals, Aero, and Low Enroute charts to overlay on google earth. I was wondering if there’s a way to lessen the opaqueness of the charts. I’d like to be able to see the landmarks that Google Earth provides. Other than that, this is awesome!! Great training tool

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