Baja California-Mexico Earthquake Maps

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake occurred at 3:40:40 p.m. (local time at the epicenter) on Sunday, 4 April 2010 in Baja California, approximately 75 km south of the Mexico-USA border (or about 100 miles east southeast of San Diego, California). The earthquake occurred at shallow depth (approximately 10 km) along the boundary zone between the North American and Pacific plates.

This Google Earth map overlay shows the earthquake intensity data from the USGS Shake Map but has been displayed on a much higher resolution terrain map (see this post for more information on the terrain base map).  The red shaded areas are where the earthquake was the strongest.  A more technical explanation can be found at the USGS website.  Also included is an option to overlay the contours of the Peak Ground Acceleration (% g) values.

The file is about 5 megabytes and may take a minute or two to download.



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