3D Berlin

The State of Berlin, Germany has created a massive set of 3D models representing the buildings in Berlin. I’m not sure how many buildings are included, but their website says data was collected for about 500,000 buildings in a 890 square km area.

The data set also contains several other layers that can be viewed with Google Earth, including:

  • Current 3D model of city
  • 1989 3D model of city
  • 1989 aerial photograph overlay
  • Historical information and 3D representation of the Berlin Wall
  • Solar atlas for the city (rooftop locations suitable for solar power installation)
  • City Information (locations of museums, growth sectors, etc.)

One word of warning. This add-on requires some serious computing resources and fast internet connection. A modern dual core processor and at least 2 gigabytes of RAM are probably minimum necessary specs. When you first open the add-on, uncheck the checkmark next to the its name and then turn on one layer at a time. Otherwise it will try to load everything at once.

Also, don’t forget to turn off the default Google Earth 3D buildings.

There is also a Google Earth Plug-in version of this add-on which might be better for those with older computers.

Berlin 3D Buildings

Download With Google Earth


State of Berlin (and Partners)


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