Nationwide Historic USGS Topo Map Scanning Project

The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin has begun an ambitious project to scan all available pre-1945 USGS topographic maps for all US states that don’t currently have them available online. They are starting with Texas and working their way out from there. As of today, Texas, New [...]


Google Earth Resources

I recently finished updating the Google Earth Resources page. This page contains a list of Google Earth related blogs, developer/user tools, etc. that will be of use to the casual Google Earth user and the advanced KML developer. The resources have been organized into various categories, and a short description is provided for each.



USGS Topographic Map Update

Looks like a lot of people are using the Google Earth USGS Topographic maps. Couple updates that I thought I’d pass on.

First of all, I recompiled the index to be much easier to use. You no longer have to navigate through two index levels. Now, simply zoom down and the index will [...]


Google Earth Network Links Explained

Network Links are a very powerful, but very simple, feature of Google Earth that every Google Earth user should understand. Also, EVERY Google Earth content developer that hosts KML/KMZ files online should understand Network Links and make use of them when it makes sense. So take a couple minutes and read below to learn [...]