World Time Zones

There are many sources of world time zone data and maps available. I have combined several of them into a single file for Google Earth which will let you easily switch between the different versions and use the one that works best for your purpose.

Eric Muller Version – This version covers the United [...]


Natural Earth Map Maker

The group over at Natural Earth have put together a great collection of public domain map data and made it freely available online. There are numerous global datasets provided at several different scales. Bad news is most of the data is provided in SHP file format, which does not import directly into the free version [...]


3D Berlin

The State of Berlin, Germany has created a massive set of 3D models representing the buildings in Berlin. I’m not sure how many buildings are included, but their website says data was collected for about 500,000 buildings in a 890 square km area.

The data set also contains several other layers that can [...]


World Country Borders

Colored polygons of of each country in the world with links to the applicable CIA World Factbook page. Click on a country see a pop up a balloon with a picture of that country’s flag and a link to the country’s CIA World Factbook page. You can also enable the locations of all the [...]

Share Network Links

The GeoNames geographical database contains over eight million geographical names located throughout the world. The database includes the locations of such things as Populated Places, Parks, Churches, Shopping Center, Beaches, Administrative features, Road/Railroad features, Vegetation features, etc.

The list of placemarks updates when you stop moving the view around and it make take [...]


Township and Range Boundaries

Township and Range boundaries for many US States. As you move the view around the boundaries will update after a couple of seconds.

KML Content Created By: Earth Point Access From: The Earth Point website



Geograph Superlayer

The Geograph British Isles Project is a large collection of georeferenced photographs covering Great Britain and Ireland. The goal of the Project is to collect photographs from every square km within the countries.

This KML file will overlay locational information about the photographs and provide links to view the photographs. You must zoom [...]


Worldwide UTM Grid Lines

Overlay 100km, 10km and 1km UTM gridlines onto Google Earth. The higher resolution gridlines automatically become visible as you zoom in. There is a small delay each time you change the view as the updated grid loads.

KML Content Created By: Access From:


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