How to Research Historical Aerial Photographs

Although this isn’t directly related to Google Earth, I thought there might be some people interested in researching old aerial photographs that aren’t available in Google Earth. I’ve put together some instructions on how to do this research yourself.

We will be using the EarthExplorer website created by the USGS, which [...]


Vietnam Bombing Data

Bomb data showing the locations and other specific information such as aircraft type and target type for 1,000s of bombs dropped by the US Air Force in Indochina during the Vietnam War 1965-1975. These are very large datasets so only load one at a time, and be patient while they load.

KML Content Created [...]


Flash Earth Viewer

Flash Earth is a website that can easily switch between several different map sources, including Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, etc.

This KML file for Google Earth will display Flash Earth in the balloon within Google Earth based on your current location. This makes it very simple to see what the other data [...]


World Trade Center Aerial – 9/23/2001

Collection of several aerial photographs of the Pentagon and WTC sites taken before and after 9/11. Includes a very high resolution (9,372 x 9,372) aerial photograph overlay of the World Trade Center site taken on September 23, 2001. A site plan showing the locations of the former buildings and an aerial overlay from pre [...]

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