MODIS Satellite Gallery

UPDATE 1/16/2011 – Gallery updated to include almost all of the images posted by NASA through the end of 2011.

The MODIS Satellite Gallery collection from the MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC contains about 3,300 satellite images obtained from NASA’s Aqua and Terra satellites overlaid onto Google Earth. These satellites capture natural [...]


Solar Eclipse Paths 2001-2100

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon fully or partially covers the Sun as viewed from some location on Earth.

This collection of global map overlays for Google Earth shows the paths of solar eclipse predictions through 2100 as compiled by Fred Espenak [...]


AGI Satellite Tracking

Database of about 12,000 man made objects orbiting the Earth. These object are tracked by the United States Strategic Command and include miscellaneous debris, retired satellites, and rocket bodies left over from launches.

The database is updated in real time every 30 seconds and details about each object, including the owner, the launch [...]


Moon Overlays

This collection of moon overlays was originally created before Google released their amazing version of Google Moon (View | Explore menu in Google Earth). I’ve now gone back and updated the original collection of moon overlays to remove duplicate data, remove some broken links, and supplement Google’s Moon data. Unfortunately, I can no longer [...]


Impact Locations

The Impact Database shows the locations of confirmed and proposed impact sites throughout the Earth. Impact sites are locations where something from space (asteroids, comets, etc) has impacted the Earth.

Detailed information such as the size of the impact area, the age of the impact and geologic information is provided for the locations. [...]


Satellite Tracking

Real-time tracking of over 700 satellites orbiting the Earth. The satellites are grouped together in numerous categories and their positions are shown in Google Earth relative to the Earth’s surface. Their positions appear to update every minute or so.

When you first enable this layer in Google Earth, it will try to load [...]