United States National Atlas

The National Atlas of the United States displays several hundred layers of GIS data for the United States. The data is organized into the following categories.

Agriculture (Information about Farms, Livestock, and Crops) Environment (Information about hazardous sites) People (Information about crime rates, economy, food stamps, jobs, mortality rates, population density, etc.) Biology [...]


US County Polygons

Colored polygons for all of the counties in the United States. Click on the county to see its name.


Google Earth Library



World Country Borders

Colored polygons of of each country in the world with links to the applicable CIA World Factbook page. Click on a country see a pop up a balloon with a picture of that country’s flag and a link to the country’s CIA World Factbook page. You can also enable the locations of all the [...]


Dollar Exchange Rate

This map shows the exchange rate of different currencies throughout the world as compared against the US dollar in near real time. Just click on a country to view the current exchange rate.

The countries are also color coded to show how the exchange rate has changed over the last 30-days. Red countries [...]


AIDS Prevalence Rates

Placemark collection showing the distribution of AIDS cases in 149 countries. The size of each placemark correlates with the percentage of AIDS cases in the population of the country.

The source data was obtained from the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS.






World Oil Consumption

Per-capita oil consumption for countries of the world based on data from the 2007 CIA World Factbook. The data is formatted to show a ranking of about 170 countries.

There are two versions of the data. One version is flat and shows the actual ranking on the country itself. The second version shows [...]


CIA World Factbook 2007

Data from the 2007 CIA World Factbook indexed geographically using Google Earth. The CIA World Factbook contains information and statistics on Geography, Population, Economy, Military, Government, etc. for all of the countries in the world.

Original Data From: CIA World Factbook KML Content Created By: BZoltan at GE Community Access From: More Info: [...]