New Zealand Topographic Map

New Zealand Topographic Map

Land Information of New Zealand has made available a great set of 1:50,000 scale Topographic Maps available online. I downloaded all 455 of the maps covering the main island of New Zealand and converted them to a seamless Google Earth overlay.

The maps show roads, placenames, contour lines, elevations points, etc, [...]


Seamless Topographic Maps for Google Earth

I have had many requests over the years to add a USGS topographic Map overlay without the map borders. This is a huge project and I have finally decided to move forward with it.

You can read more about this project below, or skip right to the store and purchase them.



USGS National Map Historic Quadrangle Scanning Project

The USGS has announced a schedule for release of over 100,000 historic topographic map quadrangles covering 32 states by the end of 2011. This is an amazing resource for anyone interested in studying the history of an area in the United States.

Kansas is the first state in the release schedule [...]


90 Meter Global Terrain Map

Last year I created detailed terrain maps of several countries and US states by combining elevation and texture data from several different sources. Since then, I have had numerous requests to create high resolution terrain maps of other countries and regions. Instead of continuing to create individual custom maps, I have decided to [...]


Terrain Maps

**UPDATE 8/13/2011** – I have made a couple important updates. First, I have released a global version of the very popular 90-meter terrain map. I have also relaxed the licensing restrictions to allow for commercial use. See below for more details on both of these changes.

There are many ways to [...]


National Elevation Dataset

The National Elevation Dataset (NED) contains detailed elevation data for the United States and Territories. The NED comes in three different versions.

1 and 2 Arc-Second – This version has a resolution of approximately 30 meters (60 meters for Alaska) and covers all of the United States and Territories.

1/3 Arc-Second – [...]


Natural Resources Canada Toporama

Natural Resources Canada has created a digital topographic map for the entire country that can be viewed in Google Earth. The map is based on the WMS map service, which can be a little tricky to set up in Google Earth so I went ahead and set them all up. Just click on the [...]


Norway WMS Maps

The Norwegian Mapping Authority has created a series of maps covering Norway that can be viewed with Google Earth. The following map layers are included.

Topographic Map (four different versions) Sea Territories Map Bathymetric Map Sea Charts Municipal Maps UTM Grid Administrative Divisions Vector maps for Europe These maps are from a WMS server. [...]

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