Chile Earthquake Maps

On Saturday, February 27 at 6:34:14 UTC, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake occurred near Maule, Chile. News is just starting to come in so not sure how much damage there will be from this earthquake.

I will start working on a collection of map and earthquake data overlays for Google Earth.  I will continue to add new maps as I find them in the coming days.  If you know of any other good maps or data related to the Chile Earthquake that would be good to add this collection, please post a comment.

Just click on the button below to access all of the maps and data.  A list of the data is included in the table below, along with a link to the source.

Download With Google Earth

Data / Map Layer Source
(3/7)GeoEye Satellite Imagery from 2/28 (San Javier, Santiago,
and Puerto Saavedra)
(3/2) Shaded Relief Map of Earthquake area (based on SRTM data) Google Earth Library
(3/2) Local SMS Reports from Ushahidi (as of 3/2)
(3/2) 10m Elevation Contours near Concepcion (based on SRTM data) Google Earth Library
(3/2) 100-m MGRS Grid Overlay for Concepcion Delta State University
(3/2) 1:25,000 Street Atlas of Concepcion Delta State University
Open Street Map
(3/1) Earthquake Affected Areas USAID
(2/29) 5 meter RapidEye satellite imagery taken February 27.  Covers coastal area between Constitucion and Concepcion.  It’s the layer called “Chile Earthquake” Google Crisis Response. Google Crisis Response
(2/29) 90-meter Elevation data for Earthquake Region Kings College
(2/28) Chile Earthquake Damage Reference Map Relief Web and UN OCHA
(2/28) Central Chile Land Use Map Relief Web
Geographic Survey Institute
International Steering for Global Mapping
USGS ShakeMap and Epicenter USGS
Tsunami Hazard Map GEBBS and NOAA
Tsunami Travel Times NOAA
Populations of Cities in Area of Earthquake USGS
Modified Mercalli Values (Intensity) USGS
USGS Community Internet Intensity Map USGS
Aftershock Locations (as of 3/7) USGS

(Current Map of Aftershocks)

Chile Political Map Central Intelligence Agency and PCL
Chile Shaded Relief Map Central Intelligence Agency and PCL
Chile Administrative Area Map Central Intelligence Agency and PCL



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