Real Time 3D Flight Tracking

Updated 12/19

Flightwise has put together a great collection of near real-time flight tracking tools for Google Earth. These tools display a wealth of information about each flight, such as the location, altitude, heading, speed, Departure time, Estimated Arrival time and aircraft type. In addition, the aircraft are displayed in Google Earth with their correct altitude and heading and their positions update every few minutes.

The file below the screenshot will let you view inbound flights for 11 major airports in the US and there are several additional different tools available from the Flightwise website including:

  • Track a specific flight
  • iPhone Tracker

It sounds like they have many other tools that utilize Google Earth available for paid subscribers, which I’m not. ¬†Unfortunately, the data only covers flights in the United States.

Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking

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2 comments to Real Time 3D Flight Tracking

  • Kevin

    This is great!!!
    Any chance you will be adding Newark Liberty airport in your list of available flight tracking airports? KEWR.

  • Ruth

    This is silly since it ONLY covers the United States. As if no one ever flies or travels anywhere else in the world. London Heathrow has a huge amount of world flights each day as does the rest of Europe and Asia too. Useless unless you want to track only one country.

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