Global Tree Cover Map

Overlay showing the percentage of tree cover for North America, Europe, Oceania and Africa at a scale of 1 km.

Original Data From:
KML Content Created By: Gerardo64 at Google Earth BBS
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5 comments to Global Tree Cover Map

  • Paul

    This is really great stuff. I am attempting a validation with the collection 3 data in Google Earth, making use of the hi-res digital aerial imagery thats available randomly for various areas of the taiga.

    One suggestion – it might be a little better if you changed the color scheme to differentiate better b/w low % coverage and no trees.

  • Frank Taylor

    Had trouble accessing this today.

    It loaded, but after a lengthy attempt of the network link to load the data it came up with errors accessing the data (including the screen overlay).

  • Paul, you are probably better off posting your comment at the Google Earth BBS (see link above). However, I doubt there is much that can be done unless to change the map unless you contact the original source, Global Land Cover Facility.

  • Frank, this was created by Gerardo64 and he said his server was slow so may be overloading it.

    I just tried it and still some red X’s. The files aren’t on my server so not much I can do aside from offering to host his files, which I’ll have to think about.


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