GlobCover 2009 Land Cover Map

The GlobCover Land Cover Map was created by the European Space Agency GlobCover Project.  The map displays land classification information for most of the Earth’s surface at a resolution of approximately 20 acres (~9 hectacres) per pixel.  Each pixel is color coded to represent one of 22 different land classifications, which are based on the predominant type of vegetation found at that location. The data was collected from the MERIS sensor on the ENVISAT satellite during 2009.

The Google Earth version of the map was created by the Google Earth Library, and is presented at the full resolution of the original.  A color coded legend can also be displayed as an overlay.  The legend is also provided below. The map can be downloaded into Google Earth from the button at the bottom of this page.

The map data is Copyright ESA GlobCover Project.  The source data can be obtained from their website.

Download With Google Earth


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