Google Maps Overlay in Google Earth

This set of overlays will overlay tile sets from Google Maps onto Google Earth.  This replaces an older version that no longer works.  Includes the following tile sets.

  • Maps
  • Satellite
  • Terrain

You may get missing tiles if you try to zoom in farther than is supported by Google Maps.

Not sure why Google doesn’t just make these available in Google Earth as default layers.  Seems like a no-brainer.




Download With Google Earth


GE Maniacs

Google Earth BBS


36 comments to Google Maps Overlay in Google Earth

  • I am not able to get this file to work at any scale. Just wondering if I am the only one.

  • I just tried it again, and working fine for me. Are you selecting one of the radio buttons to turn on the map option? They are all off by default.

  • Ashok

    Wow, this works! Thanks a lot.

  • James

    Thanks for this great plugin, works amazing and loads faster than the other similar ones floating on the net.

    I just have a problem though. When I installed it yesterday, it was working great. When I opened GEarth today, though, The tiles are clearly visible, having a 1 or 2 pixel thick line in the middle of the squares (like the tiles were imperfectly aligned or something). It wasn’t there when I first installed it. Does this happen to you? Do you have a remedy for it? Much thanks.

  • marcelo

    great, works very well. thanks for sharing this kml!!

  • Works great! Seeing the shaded topo with contour lines helps visualize the terrain even better in 3D. It’s not just cool, it’s also useful! Thanks.

  • John Poole

    I brought the overlay into Google Earth ( June 10, 2010), clicked Google-Maps:Google Local Overlay…:Maps.

    A map displays, yet it is not very sharp, there seems to be pixelation on the edges of the shapes when looking at a neighborhood of several blocks.

    Is there another setting that is affecting this that will make the Google Maps look sharp and crisp?

  • topomatt

    Try this link. It also provides Google Map Overlays.

  • steve13565

    Where are the radio buttons that need to be turned on?

  • Enrico

    It works great! Thank U!

  • Scorer

    In GOOGLE MAPS (Satellite) , China map can not see street information, but in We can see street information. Can you develop new Google Maps Overlay in Google Earth, using the new Google Maps ditu (China maps), so that we can see street information.
    waiting for your answer! Thank you !

  • The terrain profile looks incredible! It’s a 3D topographical — wild! This would be very useful in adventure racing or orienteering type events. These maps are very easy to read, the data that goes into these must be incredible.

  • Sara W

    Hi, just want you to know your site is very confusing! I was lead to this link from a very legitimate and trusted source on a Google earth forum, and of course I clicked on the BIG (!!) DOWNLOAD arrow, thinking that was the true download. Installed an obnoxious amount of crap on my box, attempted to takeover my toolbar and then popped up this Quiz page. blech!

    CRAP > http://????????.com/

    MORE CRAP > http://????????.php?q=1

  • Austin

    Thank you for this. Exactly what I was looking for (getting the Google Maps “Terrain” layer to show in Google Earth).

  • jKen

    where is the download link or icon. How can i download and install

  • Hi folks – I love the maps/google earth overlay..just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, when I try and print to pdf through Acrobat Distiller I get a seriously convoluted image that looks like a poor version of a mexican woven blanket. Any suggestions?

  • Seong Cho

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the great work resolving my problem very quickly.
    I am just wondering if it is free to use in any case and if not if there is any restriction. I’d like to use it for my application for trade show demonstration but not for commercial.
    Please, give me an email if possible or reply for the comment.

    Thank you.

  • Andres

    Thank you very much. It work perfectly for Puerto Rico.

  • Sibren

    This seems to be a fantastic tool. However, the maps cover any clampedToGround polygon (which is what I really need my polygon to be) that I draw, even if I set the draw order of my polygon to 99. Does anyone know if there is a way around this? Is this something intrinsic to Google Earth?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Gonen

    Thank you !!

    I tried and it works great.

    My question is:
    I start GE by clicking on a KML file that I create dynamically (from excel vba)

    When GE starts. The KML is displayed on the default GE style. I cannot see the GoogleMaps layer buttons…

    What do I miss ? How can I use the GM layer from inside my KML or at least Select it later after GE starts ?

    Thanks for a great tool !!!!!

  • topomatt

    Gonen, Right Click on Maps/Satellite/Terrain. Notice the URL. Create a Network Link in your KML file that links to the same URL. That should load it automatically.

  • ML

    I’ve clicked use with Google Earth but it’s not doing anything…how do I actually get this to work in GE?

  • Hyper

    This works great, thanks for creating the kml file! Could 45degree aerial imagery be added as an option by chance (works automatically when zoomed-in with Google maps.) I find Google Earth much easier to navigate than in maps, using a 3dmouse.

  • Gonen

    Back here

    can I add piece of code to my KML to make this works in my GE ?

    Thanks !!!

  • cb

    I am trying to have the script load with my kml file (gps track) and I’m 90% there. I want Terrain, but I get Maps. I don’t see an attribute that distinguishes the map types other than the name (the link is the same for maps, satellite and terrain). I am using Terrain within the tags, but I get maps. What am I missing? Thanks for the tool and any further help!

  • brad

    I’m not understanding..i click the link and it doesn’t do anything. theres also nothing under my places folder..i just want to view google maps in high resolution how do i do this

  • Tom

    Is this data ok to use commercially, or do you need a license? I can’t find any obvious information about it.

    It’s not officially endorsed by Google, so I would think probably not good idea to use commercially.

  • Jas

    The tool is asking me for a user name and password to be authenticated?

    Sorry, not sure why it is now asking for a password. Unfortunately, I have no control over that as it is not my application. Hopefully it will fix itself. If anyone finds an alternative please post here.

  • Shaun

    Hello TopoMatt,

    Thankyou for providing this – -I got a very brief look at the layer (looked great!) before I got a big red X on Google Earth. Not sure what that is. When I checked the box in Places I could zoom in and out and no matter what I did after a second or two I get the big red X. Any clues on this?

    Thanks again.


  • Bryan

    This is soooo awesome, thanks for the hard work. Question though: Is this possible to use in the GE Plugin?

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