Historic Aerial Photographs

Various high resolution historic aerial photograph overlays for various cities.  I will continue to add additional locations as I have time.

The collection currently includes the following:

Los Angeles 1948 (Aerials from USGS)

New York City 1954 (Aerials from USGS)

Oakland, California 1948 (Aerials from USGS)

Chicago, 1938 (Aerials from Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Clearinghouse)

Los Angeles Intl Airport, 1938, 1945, 1952, 1963, 1985 and 1992

Central Park Historical Aerial Photograph

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9 comments to Historic Aerial Photographs

  • [...] For me our home search has included an obsession with maps of Oakland, maps of the school district, maps of crime, creek maps, the original land grants, present day house values, etc…. This morning I found a KML file for Google Earth that overlays aerial photographs of Oakland, CA from 1946/48. [...]

  • Stuart Swiedler

    I am very interested in the aerials of Oakland from 1948. How do I access them? I have Google Earth on my iMac. Thanks,

    • @Stuart – Just click on the Download button on the post. You should be able to turn on/off the aerials from the menu on the left by checking boxes next to the ones you want to see. If that’s not working, let me know.

  • Panther in the Den

    Thanks! Awesome!

    RE: Chicago Imagery

    I noticed that you have included the downtown and nearby surrounding area. I will be eagerly looking forward to the inclusion of more of the available 1938 imagery.

  • Deby O'Gorman

    Do you have aerial photos of Lake Tahoe from about 1985

  • Pingle

    How do you view the historical aerials on New York City?

  • wgsa001

    I am trying to locate the non-redacted aerial photographic images of Douglas County, Colorado dated 12/21/1936. Any idea where I can look?

    NRCS or USGS would probably be best bet. Environmental Data Resources might also have coverage back that far if you’re willing to pay for it.

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