National Register of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places has identified and documented approximately 80,000 districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture. The Register is maintained by the US National Park Service (NPS).

The NPS has created a Google Earth version of the database, which you can find at the National Park Service Google Earth Layers web page. However, the version they created isn’t very user friendly and appears to be out dated.

I’ve used the most current source data (as of November 2009) to create a much more user friendly version of the Registry. Simply download the Network Link from the bottom of the post, zoom in close to a city, and the historic places will automatically show up as you navigate around.

The historic places are separated into Points and Areas. The Points typically represent a single location, such as a house or building. The Areas might represent large areas, such as historic districts. There are approximately 80,000 locations mapped in total.

The placemarks do have some geocoding errors, which are carried over from the source data. I have no plans to correct these. However, I think overall the geocoding appears to be very good.

This collection is not intended to be current, “official” or complete!!. You MUST go to the National Park Service website if current or official information is required.

Historic Places Inventory

Download With Google Earth


Google Earth Library

National Park Service National Register Information System


2 comments to National Register of Historic Places

  • Chris Kennedy

    This is a great collection!

    I did notice that a placemark labeled US Post Office — Glendale Main is out in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico.

    There is also a cluster of six placemarks in the ocean west of Los Angeles.


  • There are a lot of errors with the source data. Impossible for me to fix.

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