Historic Topos

Currently, this collection has over 2,000 historic USGS Topographic maps covering several areas of the United States.  The maps are available in various scales and date back as early as the 1800s in many areas.


First, click on the button below to load the indices into Google Earth.

Just click on one of the indexes, find the area you are interested in, click on the placemark in the center of the outlined area, then click on blue hyper link for the map year you want to view.  The maps will appear under Temporary Places.   You can delete them from there when you’re done.

Original Data From:

I have converted the maps for Google Earth, but I did not scan any of these maps.  They were obtained them from many different sources including:

I would like to thank the above sources for making their collections available to the public for download.  Historic topographic maps are a valuable public resource and it’s good to see libraries acting in the best interest of the public by making the maps available to the public.  Below are several more great online historic topographic map collections.