Impact Locations

The Impact Database shows the locations of confirmed and proposed impact sites throughout the Earth. Impact sites are locations where something from space (asteroids, comets, etc) has impacted the Earth.

Detailed information such as the size of the impact area, the age of the impact and geologic information is provided for the locations. Each location is color coded based on the Impact Classification, as follows:

  • Red – Confirmed
  • Orange – Most probable
  • Green – Probable
  • Yellow – Possible
  • Light Blue – Improbable
  • Dark Blue – Rejected

More information describing the various classes can be found a the author’s website.

Please post a comment if the link breaks. The authors of the file change the file name each time they release an update, which will break the link. You can also find the most current version of the KML file here.

Meteor Impact Locations

Download With Google Earth


Rajmon, D. and Roesler, W. (2009) Alz. in Rajmon, D. (2009) Impact database 2009.1


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