Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (LIMA)

High resolution satellite imagery of Antarctica brought to Google Earth via WMS. Collection includes several different overlays including Color IR and Natural Color at different contrast levels. Also includes some other misc. Antarctica data, such as Glacier names, RadarSat DEM, MOA Satellite overlays, etc.

I did not create any of this data. I’ve simply taken the information for WMS servers provided by the LIMA project and organized it into an easy to use KML file.

WMS will only load a small area at a time. Each time you stop moving the view around, wait a few seconds and it will load a new area. It works best if you are looking straight down at the earth’s surface. There are several different versions of the LIMA overlays available. The 1X, 3X, 10X, etc. represent different contrast levels, which can improve the visibility in some areas.

Original Data From: USGS/NASA/NSF/BAS LIMA Webpage
KML Content Created By: GE Library
Access From:
More Info:


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