Moon Overlays

This collection of moon overlays was originally created before Google released their amazing version of Google Moon (View | Explore menu in Google Earth). I’ve now gone back and updated the original collection of moon overlays to remove duplicate data, remove some broken links, and supplement Google’s Moon data. Unfortunately, I can no longer get the NASA/JPL Moon WMS Server or Map-A-Planet WMS Server to work with Google Earth, so those overlays have been removed.

The following layers are included:

  • Features - Locations of about 9,000 craters and other lunar features (Originally compiled by Jonathan McDowell).
  • Topography – Color shaded relief map of the moon from USGS.
  • Color - Color Mosaic from Arizona State University Space Exploration Resources.
  • High Resolution – Grayscale image from Clementine mission with source image from Northwestern University. This is similar to the Visible Imagery layer in Google Moon. I believe my version has a little more detail than Google Moon when zoomed in close to the surface.

Simply open the KML file linked above with Google Earth. Google Earth should ask if you want to switch to Moon mode.

Moon Crater Names

Download With Google Earth


Google Earth Library


Arizona State University Space Exploration Resources

Northwestern University

Jonathan McDowell


2 comments to Moon Overlays

  • Topomatt,
    Thank you for providing this. I was able to find two files here on the website: “moon-overlays.kml” and “moon-overlays_nl.kml”. Which one provides the latest information and the highest resolution imagery? Do you have a link to a description of the source image from Northwestern?

  • Thank you for this. I was looking for some detail map of the moon craters, but no chance. Good work.

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