150 Most Unusual Buildings of the World

This database shows the locations and photographs of 150 of the most unusual buildings in the world.  Everything from a building shaped like a duck in New York to the great Arch of Defense in Paris.  From buildings made of glass to buildings made of clay or even rusty containers which need house siding to make them livable.  Of course this is a subjective list and I’m sure there are many buildings missing.  But I think you’ll find every building on this list is unique in some way.

This collection started out as a three part story on the Village of Joy blog (part1, part2, part3).  Then, Munden over at Google Earth Hacks located all the buildings and created a three part version of it for Google Earth.  I have simply combined them into a single file to be easier for viewing, and made a minor tweak or two.  Hopefully Munden won’t mind :)


Download With Google Earth


Village of Joy (part1part2part3

Munden at Google Earth Hacks


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