NASA Earth Observations Data

The NASA Earth Observations website has dozens of layers of global scientific data formatted for viewing with Google Earth.

The data is grouped into Ocean, Atmosphere, Energy, Land and Life categories.  The layers are too numerous to list, but they include:

  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Chlorophyll Concentration (MODIS)
  • Snow Cover & Sea Ice Extent
  • Cloud Water Content (MODIS)
  • Total Rainfall (TRMM)
  • Water Vapor (MODIS)
  • Land Surface Temperature
  • Radiation
  • Active Fires (MODIS)
  • Land Cover Classification (MODIS)
  • Permafrost
  • Vegetation Index [NDVI] (MODIS)
  • Population Density

The layers highlighted in red above have been combined into a single network link, which can be downloaded below the screenshot.  This will give you a preview of some of the available data.  Visit the NASA Earth Observation website for the other data  overlays.


Download With Google Earth


NASA Earth Observations


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