Panoramas Theme for iGoogle

Update 10/11/2009 - Added new version of theme optimized for monitors up to 1,920 width resolution.

For the iGoogle users out there….I have created a theme that adds a panoramic photograph to the header of your iGoogle home page.  Every 15 minutes the photograph will change and ever month or two, I run a script that mixes up all the images so that the same photograph won’t show up at the same time of the day for very long.  The script pulls from a pool of about 200 panoramic photographs (96 are active at any one time) and I’m continuing to add more as I have time. None of the other standard Google colors or theme options are changed. Just the panoramic photo is added.

The photos are all from Flickr users and the original photographer and location of the photograph is shown in the footer at the bottom of the page so you can get an idea of what you’re looking at and who the original photographer was.

As you may know, Google has a large collection of user submitted themes for iGoogle.  However, due to technical limitations, this theme cannot be submitted to the iGoogle Theme Library.  However, you can still use it simply by updating your default home page (don’t worry if you decide you don’t like it, just change your homepage back to what it was before and nothing will have changed).

To give it a try, simply click on one of the following URLs (you must be logged into iGoogle).  If you decide to keep it just use one of the URLs as your homepage.

The first URL is the fastest (All images are under 40k)

The second URL is optimized for 1,280 width resolutions (Images are typically between 50k and 100k)

The third URL is optimized for 1,600 width resolutions (Images are typically between 75k and 125k)

The final URL is optimized for 1,920 width resolutions (Images are typically between 75k and 125k)

Below are a few screen shots of what the iGoogle header will look like:


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