Sea Floor Off San Diego, California

A detailed map showing over 600 square miles of ocean floor off the coast of San Diego California. The map was created by the USGS from multi-beam bathymetric data. Several major physiographic features and depth contour lines are shown. In addition, there are several placemarks which include a detailed view and description of various features.

Refer to Sea Floor Off San Diego, California and Multibeam Bathymetry and Selected Perspective Views Offshore San Diego, California for full citations and more information on how the USGS created these maps. High resolution PDF posters of the maps are also available to download from the USGS websites.

The original map provided by the USGS is a large PDF file. I extracted the portion of the map covering the ocean areas so the Google Earth land imagery is not covered. In addition, I extracted the various figures and made them available by clicking on a placemark in the location described by each figure.

I recommend switching Google Earth to Full Screen mode before using this unless you have a big wide screen monitor.

San Diego Sea Floor

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