Google Earth Vehicle Simulators

There are numerous vehicle simulation add-ons available for Google Earth.

Of course there is the Flight Simulator that’s available by default. But there are several others that third parties have created. Below is a list of a few that I’ve come across and some tips for using them.

Post a comment if you know of any others.

Flight Simulator

Available by default in Google Earth by hitting CTRL-ALT-A, or form the Tools Menu. This simulator allows you to fly a fighter jet or a small single-engine general aviation aircraft in Google Earth. The controls are pretty basic, but you’ll probably still need to read the instructions first if you want to do anything complicated, like landing.

By default, the Google Earth Flight Simulator does not come with any graphics other than HUD display. A few people have created additional add-ons to enhance the experience.

Ship Simulator

The Ship Simulator allows you to pilot various ships using the free Google Earth Browser plug-in. Just go to and it will load the simulation, or give you instructions on how to install the plug-in if you don’t already have it.

The Ship Simulator comes with a working control panel, numerous view modes, and even some sounds. Also very easy to use.

Driving and Walking Simulators

The Driving Simulator allows you to enter a starting location, a finish location and a cute little car will drive the route in Google Earth. You can also follow along on the progress with an overhead map view.

There is a similar tool called First Person Camera.  This one puts you on the ground with a 1st person perspective and lets you run around the streets of San Francisco.

Sea-Seek Simulators

The website has several simulators available for touring areas in the website’s database of exotic locations. You can choose from a helicopter, airplane, sail boat, or even a sub-marine to explore the ocean floor.

Monster Milk Truck lets you drive a milk truck around in Google Earth. The Milk Truck will react to the terrain and jump over hills.

An alternative version of the Monster Milk Truck, is the Lunar Rover. Instead of driving a Milk Truck on Earth, you’ll be driving a Lunar Rover on the moon.


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