Structurally Deficient Bridges

This placemark collection contains data for approximately 70,000 bridges throughout the United States derived from the 2006 National Bridge Inventory Database. This placemark collection only contains information on bridges with a status of “Structurally Deficient”. For a better understanding of the data, I suggest reading Coding Guide for the Structure Inventory and Appraisal of the Nations Bridges. It’s a big file so give it a minute or two to load

Original Data From: National Bridge Inventory Database
KML Content Created By: GE Library
Access From:


Update 3/15/2009

The Days Are Numbered blog created another version of this collection based on the same data that has several features missing from the version I created above.  Most importantly, this version uses regions, which load more detailed data as you zoom in.  In addition, this version includes 189,000 bridges.

In addition, there is a detailed explanation of the various ratings.

Original Data From: National Bridge Inventory Database
KML Content Created By: Days Are Numbered
Access From:


2 comments to Structurally Deficient Bridges

  • Brent

    I just took a close look at my home town area of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and not a single one of these looks like it’s close to the actual bridge. Some markers in the middle of large sections of trees and and I even found one in the middle of a field.

  • Ya, what I’ve found it the accuracy seems to vary widely by region. Some areas are very accurate, others are way off.

    With 70,000 placemarks, I’m not about to tackle the task of manually correcting them :)

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