Hawaii Aerial Photographs

Digital Orthophoto Quads

In 1976/1977, the USGS completed an aerial photograph survey of the six main islands (Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai) of Hawaii. The aerial photographs were orthorectified and grouped into 127 orthophoto quadrangles. Someone (I’m not sure who) scanned the original paper maps at 400 dpi, and MrSID [...]


Historic Aerial Photographs

Various high resolution historic aerial photograph overlays for various cities. I will continue to add additional locations as I have time.

The collection currently includes the following:

Los Angeles 1948 (Aerials from USGS)

New York City 1954 (Aerials from USGS)

Oakland, California 1948 (Aerials from USGS)

Chicago, 1938 (Aerials from Illinois Natural Resources [...]


3Dsolar Addons

3D Solar is a great collection of several useful sets of data created by 3D Solar. The layers include:

Rapid Response System consists of near real time imagery captured by NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites. New satellite images are released daily and they typically show something of interest, such as tropical storms, wildfires, volcanic [...]