Microsoft SeaDragon Maps

I stumbled across a new (to me anyways) website from Microsoft Live Labs called SeaDragon which will process huge image files and make them available in such a way that they can easily be viewed online.

So far I have been able to get it to process a map as large [...]


Baja California-Mexico Earthquake Maps

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake occurred at 3:40:40 p.m. (local time at the epicenter) on Sunday, 4 April 2010 in Baja California, approximately 75 km south of the Mexico-USA border (or about 100 miles east southeast of San Diego, California). The earthquake occurred at shallow depth (approximately 10 km) along the boundary zone between the [...]


SRTM Enhanced Blue Marble Terrain Map of California

This terrain map of California was created by combining the NASA Blue Marble imagery with the global elevation data from the Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). The combination of these two data sets creates an amazing new way of viewing the Earth’s topography and landforms.

The SRTM elevation data is detailed enough [...]


Historic Aerial Photographs

Various high resolution historic aerial photograph overlays for various cities. I will continue to add additional locations as I have time.

The collection currently includes the following:

Los Angeles 1948 (Aerials from USGS)

New York City 1954 (Aerials from USGS)

Oakland, California 1948 (Aerials from USGS)

Chicago, 1938 (Aerials from Illinois Natural Resources [...]


California Geologic Maps

This collection contains 28 1×2 degree geologic maps covering the entire state of California.

The 1:250,000 scale maps were produced in the 1960s and 1970s by the USGS and State of California Division of Mines and Geology.


Google Earth Library

California Geological Survey



Historical T-Sheets

Historical T-Sheets are shoreline maps that were created in the late 1800 to early 1900s for major waterways and coastal areas of the United States. The T-Sheets contain information such as locations of buildings, names of shoreline features, and detailed descriptions of shorelines.

This collection contains over 250 maps covering the following locations:



Sea Floor Off San Diego, California

A detailed map showing over 600 square miles of ocean floor off the coast of San Diego California. The map was created by the USGS from multi-beam bathymetric data. Several major physiographic features and depth contour lines are shown. In addition, there are several placemarks which include a detailed view and description of various [...]


California Groundwater Aquifers

Polygon overlay of groundwater aquifers in California. Click on a colored area to see the name of the Aquifer and Sub-Basin.

The file is about 5 megabytes so it might take a minute or two to load and may be sluggish on older computers.

KML Content Google [...]

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