Flooding in Queensland

Here is a satellite image acquired January 7, 2011, showing the flooding at Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. The flooding from the Fitzroy River can be seen throughout the city and adjacent countryside. You can barely make out one of the runways at the airport as the rest of the airport is shown underwater.


FEMA Flood Hazard Data

FEMA has two applications to display various flood related data in Google Earth.

Stay Dry – This is the simpler of the two applications. When you start Stay Dry, you’ll see an overview map of the US that shows which areas of the country have coverage available. If the area you are interested [...]


2007 Hurricane Katrina

Update 11/2009

This archive of Hurricane Katrina data has been removed.  The aerial photographs of New Orleans shortly after the flooding can now be found using the historical imagery in Google Earth.  The MODIS satellite imagery of Katrina can still be found using the MODIS Satellite Gallery.  Much of the other data [...]