90 Meter Global Terrain Map

Last year I created detailed terrain maps of several countries and US states by combining elevation and texture data from several different sources. Since then, I have had numerous requests to create high resolution terrain maps of other countries and regions. Instead of continuing to create individual custom maps, I have decided to [...]


NOAA Real Time Atmospheric Global Data

Gerardo64 at the Google Earth BBS has created a file containing global overlays of several datasets available from the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory. The data used to create the maps is collected by satellites and is updated every day.

The following layers are included.

Land Surface Temperature Sea Surface Temperature Snow [...]


GE Map Overlays

GE Map Overlays will add 18 additional sources of map data to Google Earth, including Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Maps, and several others. In order to use these overlays, you must first login at the Google Earth Map Overlays website so the developer can control the resources used by the scripts. [...]


Aviation METAR Weather

The ac network weather blog has created a Google Earth layer to display current METAR weather conditions from NOAA for many regions throughout the Earth. Just find the location of interest and click on the dot. The pop-up balloon contains a link to a website with additional information about the station/airport.


GlobCover 2009 Land Cover Map

The GlobCover Land Cover Map was created by the European Space Agency GlobCover Project. The map displays land classification information for most of the Earth’s surface at a resolution of approximately 20 acres (~9 hectacres) per pixel. Each pixel is color coded to represent one of 22 different land classifications, which are based [...]


Global Forest Height Map

These maps show forest canopy heights throughout the Earth and the United States. The data was obtained from NASA’s ICESat, Terra, and Aqua satellites and processed by Michael Lefsky. The shades of green show the height of the forest canopy from 0 to 230 feet. For any patch of forest, the height shown [...]


Microsoft SeaDragon Maps

I stumbled across a new (to me anyways) website from Microsoft Live Labs called SeaDragon which will process huge image files and make them available in such a way that they can easily be viewed online.

So far I have been able to get it to process a map as large [...]


Terrain Maps

**UPDATE 8/13/2011** – I have made a couple important updates. First, I have released a global version of the very popular 90-meter terrain map. I have also relaxed the licensing restrictions to allow for commercial use. See below for more details on both of these changes.

There are many ways to [...]

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