Panoramas Theme for iGoogle

Update 10/11/2009 – Added new version of theme optimized for monitors up to 1,920 width resolution.

For the iGoogle users out there….I have created a theme that adds a panoramic photograph to the header of your iGoogle home page. Every 15 minutes the photograph will change and ever month or two, [...]


Worldwide Panoramas

The World Wide Panorama project is a collection of 360 degree panoramic photographs from all over the world.

Each photograph is represented by a placemark. Click on the placemark to view the panoramic photograph in your browser window.


The World Wide Panorama



Nearby Photos

This network link will display nearby geotagged photos in Google Earth. These feeds all update dynamically as you move the view around in Google Earth. The following feeds are included:

Flickr – This feed is via Metal Toad Media and displays a small red dot at the location each of the nearby photos that [...]