AGI Satellite Tracking

Database of about 12,000 man made objects orbiting the Earth. These object are tracked by the United States Strategic Command and include miscellaneous debris, retired satellites, and rocket bodies left over from launches.

The database is updated in real time every 30 seconds and details about each object, including the owner, the launch [...]


CIMSS Tropical Cyclones

The Cooperative Institute of Meteorological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center (CIMSS-SSEC) has created a huge set of weather related overlays that can be viewed in Google Earth.

Their program is focused on tropical cyclones, but they also have a large amount of satellite and other data [...]


Real Time 3D Flight Tracking

Updated 12/19

Flightwise has put together a great collection of near real-time flight tracking tools for Google Earth. These tools display a wealth of information about each flight, such as the location, altitude, heading, speed, Departure time, Estimated Arrival time and aircraft type. In addition, the aircraft are displayed in Google Earth [...]


AVHRR Satellite Imagery

The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sensor collects cloud and other data from several satellites orbiting the Earth. The University of Wisconsin has created an archive of AVHRR false color imagery dating back to 2007. In addition, they have created a network link that updates automatically every day with the most recent satellite [...]



The MODIS sensor on the Aqua and Terra satellites capture amazingly detailed natural color imagery every day from all over the Earth. The imagery is detailed enough that you can easily see cloud formations, snow coverage, smoke from large fires, etc, for the entire US. And the best part is the imagery from these [...]


Marine Vessel Tracking tracks the locations ships equipped with an Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder, which is now required for ships over 299 gross tons. The data for presented for each ship includes:

Name of ship and flag Type of ship Speed and course Photo of the ship Link to further details about the ship


Dollar Exchange Rate

This map shows the exchange rate of different currencies throughout the world as compared against the US dollar in near real time. Just click on a country to view the current exchange rate.

The countries are also color coded to show how the exchange rate has changed over the last 30-days. Red countries [...]


AWEKAS Weather Map Network

AWEKAS (Automated Weather Maps) is a network of weather stations located throughout the world. Click on a placemark to see weather conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.) at that location. Some locations also have live webcams.

The data is provided in several different languages.




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