British Isles Radio & TV Transmitters

Large collection of placemarks identifying the locations of TV and radio transmitter sites in the British Isles.

The placemarks are color coded based on the accuracy of its location. Yellow push pins have been positively identified. Red push pins are approximate locations.


nigelww at the GE BBS

Google Earth BBS



UK Webcams

Webcams viewable in Google Earth from all over the United Kingdom. Just click on a location to see the current web cam image.

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Geograph Superlayer

The Geograph British Isles Project is a large collection of georeferenced photographs covering Great Britain and Ireland. The goal of the Project is to collect photographs from every square km within the countries.

This KML file will overlay locational information about the photographs and provide links to view the photographs. You must zoom [...]

Share Network Layers

Large collection of a wide variety of datasets for the UK. Includes Milestones, Hills, Triangulation Pillars, Photos, Ports, Caves, etc, etc, etc. Zoom into the area of interest with Google Earth, then wait a few seconds for the placemarks to load.

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Ordnance Survey Map Overlays for the UK

Gavin Brock has created an excellent overlay of the UK Ordnance Survey maps for the United Kingdom. The maps appear to be provided in several different detail levels which increase in detail as you zoom in.

Original Data From: UK Ordnance Surfey KML Content Created By: Gavin Brock’s Google Earth Hacks Access From: More [...]