150 Most Unusual Buildings of the World

This database shows the locations and photographs of 150 of the most unusual buildings in the world. Everything from a building shaped like a duck in New York to the great Arch of Defense in Paris. From buildings made of glass to buildings made of clay or even rusty containers which need house siding to [...]


Solar Eclipse Paths 2001-2100

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon fully or partially covers the Sun as viewed from some location on Earth.

This collection of global map overlays for Google Earth shows the paths of solar eclipse predictions through 2100 as compiled by Fred Espenak [...]


CIMSS Tropical Cyclones

The Cooperative Institute of Meteorological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center (CIMSS-SSEC) has created a huge set of weather related overlays that can be viewed in Google Earth.

Their program is focused on tropical cyclones, but they also have a large amount of satellite and other data [...]


Global Geographic Names

The Global Geographic Names database contains the names and location of approximately 6.5 million features of interest throughout the world. The features include mountains, government buildings, forests, parks, and many more. Many of the locations in this database are already included in the default Google Earth installation when you enable the Places [...]


World Time Zones

There are many sources of world time zone data and maps available. I have combined several of them into a single file for Google Earth which will let you easily switch between the different versions and use the one that works best for your purpose.

Eric Muller Version – This version covers the United [...]


Muselius Museums

Muselius is a website with a massive database of over 10,000 museums located throughout the world. Muselius provides information such as description, location, fees, hours, etc. for the museums in their directory.

The Google Earth Blog recently reported on a Network Link for the museums in the Muselius directory and I have added [...]


European Digital Archive on Soil Maps of the World

The European Digital Archive on Soil Maps of the World (EuDASM) is a massive repository of scanned soil and geologic maps covering large areas of Africa, Asia, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. The maps were archived over the years by ISRIC – World Soil Information and were recently been [...]


Impact Locations

The Impact Database shows the locations of confirmed and proposed impact sites throughout the Earth. Impact sites are locations where something from space (asteroids, comets, etc) has impacted the Earth.

Detailed information such as the size of the impact area, the age of the impact and geologic information is provided for the locations. [...]

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