World Time Zones

There are many sources of world time zone data and maps available. I have combined several of them into a single file for Google Earth which will let you easily switch between the different versions and use the one that works best for your purpose.

Eric Muller Version – This version covers the United States only. It is included because it has a much greater level of detail than other time zone maps of the Unites States.

Valery35 Version - Created by Valery35 at the Google Earth BBS. Static map consisting of colored polygons showing the time zone boundaries.

Shimakaze Version - Created by Shimakaze at the Google Earth BBS. Static map consisting of the time zone borders. I’m including it because the resolution of the data appears to be greater than any of the other sources.

Barnabu Version - Created by Barnabu of the the Google Earth Visualization Blog. Dynamic map which shows polygons of the time zones. Clicking on one of the time zone polygons shows the current Standard time and GMT offset.

CIA Word Factbook Version - From the CIA World Factbook. This is a traditional digital map that I converted to be viewed in Google Earth.

H.M. Nautical Almanac Office Version – From the U.S. Naval Oceanography Portal. Another digital map the I converted to be viewed in Google Earth.

    If you know of any other good time zone data or maps, please post a comment and I will try to add it to this collection.

    Note: Given the complexity of how global time zones work, there are likely errors and inconsistencies with most/all of these maps and none of this data should be considered “official”. Here is a great source of time zone data.

    World Time Zones

    World Time Zones

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