World Trade Center Aerial – 9/23/2001

Collection of several aerial photographs of the Pentagon and WTC sites taken before and after 9/11.  Includes a very high resolution (9,372 x 9,372) aerial photograph overlay of the World Trade Center site taken on September 23, 2001. A site plan showing the locations of the former buildings and an aerial overlay from pre 9/11 are also included.

Original Data From: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
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5 comments to World Trade Center Aerial – 9/23/2001

  • leslie crofford

    If you people would show an actual photograph and then outline in ink where the buildings use to be at it would help me figure out some things. When you show the pictures that you do its hard to tell where what use to be at.If you could label the surrounding streets of the WTC that would help too.

  • Robert Chapman

    Do you have any pictures of the shoulder fired missles that were fired at the inbound 757s. The Redeye Teams were firing from the Woolworth building.
    The CIA had Locked and welded the doors to the rooof of the WTC buildings shut.
    There were 6 planes involved in the 9/11 Cia attempt to desolve the constitution, 2 At the WTC, 1 At the Pentagon, Flight 93 at the Congressional Office building, and a sixth at the Senate Office buildings. The Cia lead terrorists that were supposed to highjack one for the Senate buildings lost four of there fellow highjacker to a Tractor Trailer runniing over their rent a car on 9/10. Thus only three highjackers boarded the plane on the morning of 9/11. This plane landed in Cleveland Ohio, stating to the passengers that there was a bomb threat, the Rayetheon Remote Control was taken out of the Cockpit and the 5000 Lbs of explosives were taken out of the baggage compartment in Cleveland. The three Arab decendent men who were involved in the fight, in the AMTRACK STATION in ST. Louis Mo. had disimbarked the Plane in Cleveland. They are still being paid by U.S tax dollars thru the CIA/AL Queda pipeline!
    Veterans Against Government Oppression
    Robert ( Bob) Chapmsn
    Executive Director

    • Do you have any pictures of the shoulder fired missles that were fired at the inbound 757s.

      Wow, you should get a job writing for 24. That’s great stuff. To answer your question….no I don’t have pictures of shoulder fired missiles being fired at the 757s.

  • John

    @Robert Chapman
    Are you on crack? first of all you lack the ability to add seeing you listed 5 planes, 2nd you’re saying that these terrorist were being paid to kill themselves. Kinda makes you think to yourself, what good is money gonna do them, do you think they need to pay for the however many male virgins hookers they will get in the afterlife? Get a life, no matter how much foul you cry, nothing will ever come of it, so move on in your life, I bet you will enjoy it more if you do.

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