Zillow Neighborhoods

Database of nearly 7,000 neighborhood boundaries for the largest cities in the United States created by Zillow.com.

This is my 3rd incarnation of this data set. This version does not require you to manually enable the state you wish to view.  Instead, just navigate around the US and the colored boundaries will show up automatically when you zoom in close enough.

Click on a polygon to see it’s name and the city in which it’s located.


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6 comments to Zillow Neighborhoods

  • Anonymous

    the old zillow was better

  • Josh

    I don’t see any data at all and can’t seem to get it to do anything.

    First make sure box is checked next to it under “Places” folder on left. Then zoom in to a city and you should see the colored polygons. Pick a major city at first. Small towns are not covered. Let me know if that doesn’t work ~ matt

  • Is this only for zip codes or also cover cities/neighbourhoods…


  • crp

    Fabulous tool Topomatt. I would like to print out a metro area with the neighborhoods and their name labels, but I can’t figure out how to make all of the labels concurrently visible. -CRP

    Sorry, but it is not possible to make all the labels visible at the same time with the way it’s currently programmed.

  • numan

    Just tried it in Google Earth. Works perfectly. Excellent job!

    Quick question: I tried importing the file in google maps (using the create map functionality on maps.google.com) but it didn’t work. I am new to KML so I’m wondering why?

    Google Maps only supports very simple KML files.

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